Live where the blue of the sea transforms into the lush green of a golf course close to one of the most charming cities of the world.

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In perfect harmony
with nature
and well-being.

At a first glance, green will be all you will see. Surrounded by a natural fence, Novagreen Luxury Villa reveals its modern lines, in a sophisticated and glamorous architectural style. Nature and modernity are complemented by a stunning construction, designed to be experienced inside and out. Implanted in a propriety with 5000 square meter, Novagreen is a 1000 square meter villa with seven charming bedrooms, a master bedroom with terrace, a spacious living room, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a treehouse, a home cinema, a gym, a hammam, and a sauna. Privacy and security are two of the main aspects of this project, which aims to increase the quality of life of its residents.

It is the place where you will feel safe and happy, enjoying time and home life in the best possible way. It was designed for the best time of your family life.

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A stunning villa, in a unique environment, just a few minutes from one of the most wonderful cities in the world.

Lisbon, city
of seven hills.

Imagine one of the top capitals in the world, where the sun shines all year and the temperature rarely drops below 15°C / 59°F. A historic city full of secrets and spots to be discovered, where culture, innovation, education, and gastronomy are totally connected. A city open to modern life, in the time compass of the southern way of life, where time seems to stop, and life runs smoothly. A safe, welcoming and friendly city, where authenticity remains. A city that allows its inhabitants to live in freedom and social harmony. A city considered one of the 10 best in the world to live - and visit. Yes, imagine that, and you are imagining Lisbon. The city of the seven hills.

A charming city
where the past
and the future blend.

Lisbon is exciting and trendy. It is modern and sophisticated. It is a city full of charm, where history blends perfectly with modernity. It is the city of Fado music. Of theater. Of the avenues where luxury stores cohabit with traditional ones. It is the city that mixes the commercial district with the historic. The city where old fashion and avant-garde fashion coexist. The city that hosts one of the most important technology events and is home to one of the most active communities of entrepreneurs in the world. Where gastronomy is ennobled by world-class chefs, traditional restaurants, markets, and an abundance of fresh and healthy products. A city that lives by the river and the Atlantic Ocean. A city where the past is preserved and the future is arising. It is the capital par excellence of Europe.

Always connected
with the world.

Lisbon is perfectly connected to the world by air, sea, and rail. Here, traditional connections are complemented with modern ones. An international airport and an international cruise terminal serve the city. Ferry, subway, tram, bus, taxis, bike lanes, and other alternative transports make the city crossable and accessible in many ways. But the connections are not just with transportation. Lisbon is growing in several areas, in a constant search for the perfect conditions to be lived by its inhabitants and visitors. Here you will find an educational system and universities that are among the best in the world. Business districts are growing in several locations. Museums, monuments, parks, shopping centers, markets, theaters, and various types of attractions are constantly renewed, with international standards, to meet the expectations of its audience. In addition, Lisbon follows the path of sustainability and was considered the green capital of Europe in 2020. It is a complete and connected universe to live and discover. Welcome! You will fall in love.


Natural landscapes,
idyllic beaches, and all the necessary services only
20 minutes from Lisbon.

Herdade da Aroeira is a private,
luxury golfing condominium complex
with everything you are looking for.

Novagreen Luxury Villa is located in Herdade da Aroeira. Here, nature remains intact. Everything is surrounded by greenery and sea breezes. It is the perfect environment for a life full of leisure, tranquility, and well-being. It is one of the best private condominium complexes near the metropolitan area of Lisbon. Just a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean and integrated into a protected natural area. Being one of the largest residential and golf condominium estates near the capital, it is an exclusive place to live a luxurious and pleasant life. With all its facilities, you will find everything you need.

Herdade da Aroeira is served by several connections to the center of Lisbon, just 20 minutes away, and to the south, on the threshold of the Arrábida Natural Park – a stunning, protected and biodiverse Atlantic microclimate. This place makes Novagreen Luxury Villa a special, exclusive, and unique place to live.

The perfect environment
for an exceptional lifestyle.

Herdade da Aroeira is 3.5 square kilometers – and in addition to the residential areas, it has two golf courses, one hotel, four tennis courts, and a shopping area. Golf, water sports, nautical activities, nature exploration and outdoor amusement are guaranteed at Herdade da Aroeira. There are about 13 kilometers of ocean coast to explore. Several beaches that are distinguished by their quality and uniqueness, with elegant and exquisite facilities, ranging from restaurants to beach clubs. More than 10 yachting ports are located near Herdade da Aroeira, in Lisbon, Setúbal, and Tróia. In the surrounding area, you will find several private and public colleges, schools, and universities. Private and public healthcare clinics, and a central hospital, which is one of the biggest in Portugal.

If you are looking for the perfect place to live, where nature and sophistication meet, where a healthy environment is covered by a luxurious life, and where happiness can happen easily, this is your place.

The Villa

Open to life.
Open to happiness.
Open to you.

This is the perfect place to live. Yes. Novagreen Luxury Villa was planned to be lived in. Each detail, each decision, each step towards its materialization was guided by one thought: a place open to life. To be lived. The surroundings, the position of the villa, its energy efficiency, the sustainable construction options, the high-quality materials, the state-of-the-art equipment, the social areas, the leisure areas, the embracement of light in all possible architectural options, and many other details, which we invite you to discover, were all part of this thought. Life, happiness, friends, family - you are all welcome here! What do you say?

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Near Nature

Golf Course

Near Ocean

Near City



Stunning outside,
for memorable moments.

Imagine those sunny afternoons by the pool or that gathering of friends preceded by a basketball game. Or that quality time with your kids playing in the treehouse. Imagine the moments that you will be planning and living in this larger-than-life place. Considering that you are only two minutes from the golf courses, so “a round” can be your main activity for relaxing, too. Besides these activities, you will always have the surrounding natural environment that starts at your doorstep and only ends where your curiosity does. Life will be astonishing every day.

Swimming pool.

With 65 square meters, the swimming pool is as wide and private as possible. It was planned to be opulent but at the same time in perfect harmony with the house. It is visible from almost every interior corner of the house. It will test your willingness to take that perfect dive. Poolside, you will be enchanted by the wonderful sights of the pine trees and natural landscape that surrounds the area.


Additional to the master bedroom, a 96 square meter terrace is everything you need to relax. Due to the generally warm temperatures, you can relax a lot of the time in this space. Sunny days are welcome. The view is amazing too, exactly as expected. Happiness will be lived here.


Not every house has a treehouse. But this one has. The perfect place for your family moments. A place where your kids’ dreams will rise. A place for your starry nights, sunsets, and to enjoy every hour, minute, second, and be delighted by the magnificence of this place, where nature, love, and peace come together. Just for the record, it’s going to be invigorating, after climbing those wooden stairs, to get on the “top of the world” and appreciate the views. Near the treehouse, you will find a playground area too. Just for the kids’ fun. Just perfect, don’t you think?

Basketball court.

When we think about a pleasant and enthusiastic game, that can be played with a friend, in teams, with family, or even alone, we have to consider basketball. Yes. A basketball court is by the house, and it’s probably the best space to have fun, with that little competitive side that almost every sport has, don’t you agree? So, get the ball, start the warm-up, and let’s start. Ready to slam dunk?


State-of-the-art interior,
for leisure and living.

This is a special project. So, it has unique features and details that are going to clear your thoughts from any doubt you could have concerning your decision to acquire it. This is the place you want to live and exist. High-end materials assembled with the finest construction techniques, will ensure the longevity of your investment. Architectural decisions that make every corner of this project a homage to living well. Noble areas in every house division. Three floors organized in accordance with a balanced life, with commodities you are about to discover. Let’s go in?

Living room.

An incredible 100 square meter living room, with a full view to the private outside garden area where the pool is located, and enriched by entirely glass walls, transforms this division into one of the most appealing ones in the house. A space full of light, refined with the finest and luxurious materials, and equipped with a state-of-the-art fireplace. Even though the median year-round temperature is 15°C, there will be some days you will need a cozier and warmer place. Great gatherings of friends and family are going to take place here. Just think about it!

Common areas.

Every room of the house is served with large common areas, where light and the relationship with the outside are permanent. High-quality materials combined with a perfect circulation plan connect the social and private areas with balance, transforming everyday moments into a peaceful lifestyle. All rooms are easily accessible and evenly spaced and united by the center of the house. Perfect, right?


The house has a master bedroom of 64 square meters with a terrace and 7 bedrooms spread over three floors. With the exception of an underground floor bedroom, they all have floor-to-ceiling windows, which means lots of light during the day, and the opportunity to enjoy the starry sky at night. Can you imagine falling asleep in the starlight? All of them are finished with top quality materials, have plenty of space, and an individual private bathroom, to make them comfortable, practical, and cozy, assuring a pleasant and enjoyable private life.


There are 10 fully equipped bathrooms in the house, 8 of them private (one in each of the bedrooms), and 2 in the common social areas of the house (one on the underground floor and another on the first floor). On the underground floor, the largest bathroom in the house serves the well-equipped gym and can be easily accessed from the outside of the house, from the pool area. Each of these bathrooms are equipped with luxury elements.


Central to the social part of the house, the kitchen combines grace and functionally. State-of-the-art equipment, modern materials, and space are balanced in this area of the house. Following the same approach to light, the kitchen is, like the rest of the house, a bright area, open to the outside, full of light. Our concern was to define the perfect space for its purpose, given its importance in everyday life.

Leisure areas.

You have already read and seen something about the treehouse. About the kids’ playground, the basketball court, the pool, and the other social areas. But there are more leisure areas in this house. On the underground floor, you will find two areas that we think are going to be lived in by the whole family. An incredible home cinema and a well-equipped gym. Training sessions are open and movie sessions, too. It’s going to be a difficult choice!


A project by

With a 15 years experience in the field of engineering and construction in the MENA region, Novamonti was launched in 2016 to focus on developing real estate projects in Portugal for the residential sectors.

With a 15 years experience in the field of engineering and construction in the MENA region, Novamonti was launched in 2016 to focus on developing real estate projects in Portugal for the residential sectors.